Easy ways to keep your bedroom clean

Given below are some easy ways to keep your bedroom clean:

Keep your drawers organized – Keeping your drawers organized is a first step towards keeping your room organized.

Use clothing separators – Using clothing separators in drawers can help to keep things in their place.

Include pretty, practical bookshelves – Open shelving requires just the right mix of organizing and styling. Start by placing the necessary items on your shelves first, then pepper in a few stylish decor pieces and accessories where there’s room.

Use corner shelves to save space – These corner shelves are easy to install, so you have more time to decorate them

Line up your shoes on a ladder shelf – Your whole shoe collection can become part of your bedroom decor once add them to the shoe ladder.

Build a multi-purpose headboard – Surround your bed with cubbies and a shelf to make it the perfect storage space

Pick the right nightstand – Don’t let clutter pile up next to your bed. Depending on how much stuff you have, opt for shelves, drawers, or just a simple table.

Minimize laundry space – Save space with a hanging laundry hamper that fits discreetly over the back of a door. It’s easy to make your own with fabric and an embroidery hoop.

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