Ideal colours for different areas of the house

  • 1. Ceilings should always be white or in off-white colour, as it reflects light.
  • 2. Natural shades like green (which symbolises life and growth), yellow (stability), orange (cheerfulness) and blue (aids concentration), are recommended for children’s rooms.
  • 3. For the temple area, it is best to use purple or lavender, as it is associated with spirituality, peace and wisdom.
  • 4. Orange evokes excitement and enthusiasm and is apt for an exercise room.
  • 5. Avoid excessive use of black and grey, as it can give a depressing feel.
  • 6. Red helps in increasing appetite. So, add subtle touches of red on the dining table, with red flowers or red table linen.
  • 7. Bedrooms should be done up in soothing colours, such as pink, peach, light yellow, green and other light colours.

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